Why Istanbul

Many couples can not obtain pregnancy naturally & who need Ivf treatment prefer our country and us.

Why Istanbul

Why Istanbul, Turkey About

Many couples can not obtain pregnancy naturally and who need IVF treatment prefer our country and us. There is a growing popularity for having IVF treatment in İstanbul amongst couples in the European countries, in the USA and in other countries all over the world. Turkey is one of the most favoured destinations when looking for IVF clinics overseas.

Istanbul has an excellent geographical position which is a crossroads between Europe and Asia and has easy access to anywhere in the World. Istanbul is the biggest city of Turkey and spreads across Europe and Asia on the Bosphorus Strait. The city is historically known as Byzantium and Constantinople. Istanbul has a very rich history and culture and various destinations for tourists to visit and see and because this city is so famous and packed with things to see and do. During your treatment you can visit İstanbul and some other touristic cities in Turkey.

Costs, Success Rates & Quality of Care

The costs of fertility treatment can be vast. A couple spending money on infertility treatment will consider the price but this is not always the most important factor. Across the clinics prices and success rates vary. If you are self-funding your treatment you can compare different prices of treatments between other clinics. It can be difficult deciding where to have your fertility treatment. The most important consideration for couples or individuals is how they can access the best fertility clinic to get the best chance of success.

Cost and quality appear to be the most important factors affecting the demand for IVF internationally. After correcting the cost per case for the success rate, the cost-advantage of Turkey becomes very high. Cost-effectiveness ratio of IVF treatment per successful clinical pregnancy is much lower and quality indicators of clinical services and success rate of IVF are better in Turkey than in the many European countries, UK and USA. Turkey shows significant comparative advantage in the provision of in-vitro fertilization treatment. With highly specialized medical services, Turkey has an important role in the medical tourism industry.

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